Iris lazica

James Waddick
Wed, 08 Feb 2012 13:44:07 PST
>Did I understand that you are growing Iris unguicularis and I. 
>lazica in the ground?  If so, what temps have these survived without 
>snow cover and how many years have you had them in the ground? 

Dear Tony,
	If you are astounded so am I. They are both in the ground and 
both have bloomed last year. Both were planted as established plants 
grown in the cool gh for a year, then planted out in our clay soils 
on a south facing slope near the house and given a light airy mulch 
of dry leaves, or pine straw this 'winter'. I think this is their 3rd 
year, but 2nd winter to bloom in the ground. Last winter got to -6 F 
and extended number of days below both 0 and more below freezing. 
Really pretty harsh for us lately. We had quite a bit of damage on 
some marginal plants, but not on these two.

	Last year we added I cretensis which is also looking pretty 
good, but may be too small to flower.  Thanks Jane.

	Buds have emerged from their sheaths on I unguiculares 
recently, but no progress yet on I lazica. We expect it will bloom 
fine, too.

	Both plants came from Wildwood Gardens of Will Plotner in OR.… 
Will hand carried plants to us during the AIS convention in spring 

	We tried these in other spots before, but seem to have found 
the microclimate they tolerate. Fingers remain crossed, but shows the 
truth behind believing in hardiness until you have killed it 3 x -or 
more. These are both in front of a lovely and also "tender' bed of 
Tetrapanax papyriferus. Wonderful plant. Just want a variegated 

		Best		Jim W.

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