Galanthomania in the US

Diane Whitehead
Sat, 25 Feb 2012 11:09:13 PST
Yes, I'm a galanthophile, but a cheap one, so I'm not a galanthomaniac.

Here in Victoria, pots of snowdrops in bloom sell for about $3 outside  
supermarkets.  There are four bulbs per pot, unnamed seedlings of  
Galanthus elwesii, though in some years G woronowii and G nivalis have  
been sold as well.

A friend and I go to the greenhouse that provides them and scrutinize  
the hundreds of pots.  We select ones that are a bit different and  
usually buy a flat or two.  (A flat of 18 pots costs $28).  I  
hybridize them and hope for a spectacular seedling (none so far).

A friend in England sends me seeds each year from his collection of  
named snowdrops.  None has flowered yet. (It takes six years)  I also  
buy seeds of various less well-known species.

I have a few named snowdrops that I brought home from England.  They  
were gifts from one of the National Collection Holders.
Every year one of the public gardens here has a hellebore and snowdrop  
sale.  One year I donated 14 pots of named snowdrops, one per pot, in  
bloom, for $4 each.  Only 7 pots sold.   So galanthomania hasn't  
happened here yet.

On 25-Feb-12, at 8:14 AM, James Waddick wrote:
> 	Do any of you buy $20, $50 Galanthus bulbs?
> 	Do you think you might be a Galanthophile ?
>  	What's the most you have ever paid for a single Galanthus bulb?

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