Chacun a son gout

Leo A. Martin
Tue, 14 Feb 2012 16:02:25 PST
Oxalis pes-caprae isn't invasive here in Phoenix. It will survive in some
lawns but I grow it as a nice winter container plant.

Now O. corniculata is another story. Every succulentophile struggles with
this plant, and it is a weed here in any shady to partially sunny place
irrigated through the year. I just found out something to do with it,
however, on Wikipedia:

begin quote
The leaves of wood sorrel [O. corniculata] are quite edible, with a tangy
taste of lemons. A drink can be made by infusing the leaves in hot water
for about 10 minutes, sweetening and then chilling. The entire plant is
rich in vitamin C. Any wood sorrel is safe in low dosages, but if eaten in
large quantities over a length of time can inhibit calcium absorption by
the body.
end quote

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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