Iris lazica and others

clayton3120 clayton3120
Tue, 07 Feb 2012 22:33:45 PST
Tis the season for early Iris blooms for sure. Temperatures have been
in the low 60's in Seattle, forcing an array of blooms on Iris
unguicularis 'Frances Wormsley'.
Another fine Lady iris blooming now is  I.histriodes Sheila Ann
Germany, a fine introduction!
There are several Junos in the coldframe,  much slower coming along.
A Narcissus cross I made last year, N. bulbocodium obesus X N.
bulbocodium 'Jessamy'
is in bud and will flower this week.   Quite a shock, as I"ve only
sown the seed last year.
If only the Narcissus 'Empress of Ireland' crosses were that quick.
Spring is such an exciting season!
Rick K

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