Pacific Coast Iris in NY
Thu, 09 Feb 2012 14:00:34 PST

 I have some PCI here in Tuckahoe NY and a few started in Chappaqua in my school garden.  They are all started from seed, the one time I tried divisions they failed, they were shipped in spring but we had an unusual early warm spell right after I got them in the ground which I am sure is what prevented them from reestablishing so they died.  The oldest ones from NARGS seeds are reliable bloomers, I like their dwarf habit and pretty much ignore them (except when they bloom).  Some are in good well drained soil, a couple are in a rather clayey soil, and they all seem okay.  More seedlings are coming along from the PCI society and they are doing well this winter, remaining green, though the older plants do die back in cold winters.  I think for colder climates its best to grow them from seed, that way the cold hardy ones make it and the less hardy can be selected out by nature at a lower cost/less heartbreak to the gardener than buying plants.  Now I do have to admit what I have
  bloomed thus far is not the latest and greatest in PCI flowers, some of those Californian things are absolutely droolworthy, but mine tend to have simpler flowers thus far.  Still very nice though. 
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe NY Z6/7 more like 8 this year




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