What's blooming Feb 9 2012 (Pel. E. de Marie)

AW awilson@avonia.com
Fri, 10 Feb 2012 20:22:51 PST
Thanks, Ernie. Glad to see your name around here. I obtained this plant, not
from Mike Vassar, but from Carol Roller before she moved north to Oregon 7
or 8 years ago. The plant is indeed tough. I used to have it potted but
found it did just as well planted out in a rockery here, as you can see. It
began to bloom just before Christmas but in these warmer days is showing
more bloms. It goes on flowering, not very heavily, for most months of the
year. I have never seen whiteflies on it, but that is probably just because
it is outdoors all year. In fact it is as close to bullet-proof as you can
find among these tuberous pelargoniums. Carol grew all these in pots under
cover in an unheated house.

At the time I acquired a number of other, but similar hybrids from Carol. I
will send you shots offline (unless somebody objects) as they come into
bloom because the labeling on them was sketchy, to put it mildly. Some will
be in bloom soon; others may start later. Weather has a decided role on when
they start and for how long their season is. Many bore titles such as Pel. x
glaucifolium. All have attractive, but not highly glamorous flowers. The
roots of one or two were massive. Thanks for the information about possible
parentage. Was P. fulgens involved in any of them?

San Diego 

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