algae and moss in seedling pots

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Wed, 01 Feb 2012 09:59:23 PST
On Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 9:28 AM, Ken <> wrote:

> Thank you Tim, Nhu and James for your feedback,
> I generally add no organic material in my seedling mix, which is generally
> 1/3 perlite, pumice and DG,

Around Seattle, gardeners often use granite chips (available at feed
stores, garden centers, stone yards)  for seedling top dressing.   It seems
to help keep the moss down , but not great for keeping Liverwort out of the
pots.     I've used charcoal chips, and more recently crushed mineral
chips( available in garden centers )  which seem to be the most effective
in keeping these seed pot invaders  in check.
For wet, dark winter climates such as ours, mosses , algae , and liverwort
 are a huge problem for seed pots.
Rick K

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