Galanthomania in the US

Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 26 Feb 2012 11:18:23 PST
I expect that Galanthus would be difficult for me to grow which may 
be one reason why I too don't understand this fascination. But seeing 
them in mass is quite nice and I enjoyed some of the stands I saw in 
private gardens in Portland, Oregon when I went to a NARGS winter 
study meeting.  We all have our favorites and grow things that others 
might find uninteresting which is probably a good thing. I am 
reminded that one day when out hiking and coming across a Fritillaria 
affinis, one of my hiking buddies who was interested in native plants 
and I were excitedly looking at it. We knew there were some that had 
been seen in this area, but neither of us had ever seen them and we 
had looked for years. Another hiker who did not share our interest in 
flowers turned to someone else and said in a very surprised voice:
"Is it that brown (word brown spoken with disgust) flower they are admiring?
I would probably never even buy a Galanthus, but certainly not at an 
exaggerated price.

Mary Sue

At 08:40 AM 2/26/2012, you wrote:
>I must admit, I do not understand the obsessive fascination with Galanthus.

Mary Sue Ittner
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