Leo A. Martin
Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:51:51 PST
obtusa buttercup, polished copper, straw
purpurea cherry, lavender, white

Paperwhites, for some 6 weeks now
Soleil d'or

Moraea falcifolia. One or two of 6 or 7 in this container are blooming
size from seed. I missed it yesterday, getting home from work too late. I
have them in 20-ounce / ~450ml foam drinking cups with drain perforations
with heavy local clay which I keep moist to wet all season. They spent the
last summer outdoors, almost full sun, blazing heat, with rare summer rain
and no supplemental watering.

Lapeirousia oreogena, 4 plants which are being introduced to each other by
me. Grown like the Moraea above. For those of you interested in the bulb
exchange, would you like me to send the seed to Dell, or grow it for a few
years and send the corms to Dell? Of course I won't be able to plant it
until September 2012.

Albuca navicula getting ready to bloom. I have heard good reports on the
seed I sent to the BX. I thought I had lost two of my three mature bulbs
because they didn't grow last season and there was a depression in the
container where the plants had been. But they returned after a year's

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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