Dry-stall vs Horticultural pumice ... was algae and moss in seedling pots

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:57:18 PST
Hi Alberto,
Very clear!   Thank you!   I am ashamed ... must be suffering from brain effluvia ... as I did not think of that myself! 
As for the Physan also suggested ... I have it, but am a bit afraid to try it on Amaryllid seedlings.  Not absolutely sure it was the Physan or not ... but when I added recommended amount to watering of a large mature potted Crinum moorei ... its leaves became distorted and it took 6 months to grow out of it.  The moss in that pot is gone, though!

Ken Blackford
San Diego, CA  USDA zone 10

--- On Wed, 2/1/12, Alberto Castillo <ezeizabotgard@hotmail.com> wrote:

As for the flooding problem you can pierce holes in the sealed trays' sides at the level good for watering (rather slightly above it). That way no matter how much it rains the excess water will just move out. Hope this is clear enough.

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