steven hart
Wed, 15 Feb 2012 17:10:20 PST
Hi Robin, & others, who might not understand. Don't be upset at everyone
for trying to support the system, I used to make the same mistake of
including previous messages too & was asked personally to remove most of
the previous message, it took me a while to understand, but eventually i
got it.. It is only to help support our "donated" system. It was always in
the rules just near where we pay our membership fees, i missed it when i
joined because i was so short on time i just didn't read it, or realise
there might be any rules at all...

We have had several exasperated requests from the administrators asking us
to comply to this rule, but perhaps some have missed these messages & never
read the rules ether.... So it is up to all of us to help pass on the
message, to help each other to keep the system running smoothly & i admire
those who have the courage to mention it & take the chance to be shot down
in flames, Ive been there too, but its well worth trying to help for the
good of everyone... : )

Its really easy to do, just left click & roll your mouse over the message &
highlight the section to be deleted & hit delete or back space over what
you need to remove... I hope this makes it easier & less complicated for
you, and those who find it harder to understand what to do.. ;)

Steven Australia

On Wed, Feb 15, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Robin Carrier <> wrote:
i didn't get any rules when i joined.   i have  several emails from  those
who agree with me.

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