Plant lights

Eugene Zielinski
Tue, 28 Feb 2012 18:17:53 PST
I don't know about converters, but I do know that T-8 and T-12 fluorescent
tubes require different ballasts.  15+ years ago I purchased some cheap,
used T-12 fixtures with old ballasts.  The ballasts were quite noisy (and
probably not long for the world), so I replaced them with T-8 ballasts. 
This wasn't difficult.  They work just fine, and the T-8 tubes fit the
holders for T-12 tubes.
T-8 tubes appear to be more energy efficient that T-12 tubes.  High
intensity T-5 tubes are wonderful for growing plants that need a lot of
light (I've flowered Cattleya orchids under mine), but they do increase
your electric bill!

Eugene Zielinski
Augusta, GA

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> Subject: [pbs] Plant lights

I hear that T12 fluorescent tubes are obsolete and will soon be unavailble
because of government mandate. I have many T12 fixtures and have read that
one can purchase a converter that enables T12 fixtures to handle  T 5.
Does anyone have any experience with these conversion pieces? 


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