reticulate iris and Tibilisi Botanic Garden

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 23:39:58 PST
I was in Tibilisi Botanic Garden in 1981 and it was fascinating.
The botanists were very friendly and helpful.
I remember some of the treasures that they were growing.Galanthus krasnovii was one such.
How sad to see that they have fallen on such bad times.
The soviet union was supportive of them.
A pity that ordinary gardeners can't try at least to pronounce the commemorative names corrrectly.
I wonder just how many pronounce Kniphofia as it should be?

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> PS#5: I got the Index Seminum from the Tbilisi Botanic Garden, and what a sad, 
> sorry affair it was. Not one of the beautiful native plants that are so rare in 
> cultivation was listed. I gather that like many other such institutions 
> throughout the former USSR, it is seriously underfunded and has fallen on hard 
> times.
> -- 
> Rodger Whitlock"

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