Lapeirousia season

Leo A. Martin
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 17:49:39 PST
Alberto Castillo wrote in reply regarding Lapeirousia, which apparently
some people find difficult in cultivation:

> Incidentally, the main problem with them is they come from arid
> locations.

How interesting... Of southern African winter-rainfall bulbous species,
they are among the easiest under my conditions, rivaling Ornithogalum and
easier than Albuca. I wonder whether it might be:

1) low relative humidity during my growing season (and the rest of the year)
2) high light levels all year at 33 degrees 27 minutes north
3) long, hot, low-humidity summers, indoors or outdoors
4) absence of organic material in my potting mix, which is a dense mixture
of clay and/or sand

or something else?

Dylan Hannon in coastal southern California grows L. oreogena beautifully
but in a high-organic mix compared to mine.

Tim Harvey, do you grow Lapeirousia? Tim's climate, inland southern
California, is similar to mine but slightly cooler in the summer,
especially at night, and with more winter rain most years.

Now that I've bragged I better start supplying seed to the BX. If only I
could grow Galanthus or non-red Lycoris or Lilium or....

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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