Galanthomania in the US

James Waddick
Sat, 25 Feb 2012 08:14:59 PST
Dear Friends,
	We US gardeners hear of UK garden galas 
involving hundreds of people pouring over acres 
of Snow Drops as the first hint of spring breaks. 
This Galanthomania has resulted in record 
breaking sales of single bulbs of special cvs (A 
single bulb of G. woronowii 'Elizabeth Harrison' 
sold at auction for a record £725.10 or 
US$1,145.06 !!). Public gardens in the UK open 
for tours, sales and auctions of  plants.

	I personally did not think there was a 
market in the US for single Galanthus cv bulbs 
for $40 or 50. I made an informal survey of a 
half dozen friends who I knew were at least 
vaguely interested in the genus and aware of UK 
fervor.  I was very surprised at the interest 
and heard of some US nurseries selling bulbs for 
the $50 to $100 each range and selling out very 
fast. The degree of incipient Galanthomania 
surprised me.  I started to get inquiries if I 
knew of a source for various lists of cvs 
available for sale, or was I planning on 
importing bulbs from the UK and could they order 
a few more?

	I grow maybe a half dozen or 10 named cvs 
a couple of which I recently priced on US and UK 
web sites and found they sell for much more than 
I would ever pay.

	So I am still somewhat awed at the seeming interest in Snow Drop Mania.

	What do PBS members (Especially those in 
the US)  think of this whole thing?

	Do any of you buy $20, $50 Galanthus bulbs?

	Do you think you might be a Galanthophile ?

	Is the whole thing totally a fad; 
overblown and doomed to obscurity in the US?

  	What's the most you have ever paid for a single Galanthus bulb?

	Thanks for your indulgence and feel very 
easy deleting the whole post if you think it is 
totally silly.

			Best		Jim W.

PS:	Incidentally, the Galanthus here are 
pretty much in full bloom although the earliest 
are done and 1 or 2 are not yet up and open fully.
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