Attention Everyone : Re: possible mistaken consignment of Botryococcus braunii

steven hart
Thu, 09 Feb 2012 23:32:39 PST
Hello Everyone... This is a very strange question, but i know some of you
have been talking about Algae on seed trays lately...

I don't know what was discussed because its not of any interest to me & i
simply deleted the messages.. But something very strange happened today, i
was contacted by quarantine about a bio security issue from USA

Someone sent to my name & address,  2 vials of a toxic algae called
Botryococcus braunii, it came from a company in USA called Matrix co 2761
Dean circle Omaha Nebraska 68105

I couldn't imagine how they would get my name & address & why it would be
sent to me, but, the conversations about algae sprung to mind & i wondered
if it might have been a special sample, sent by someone from PBS to me by
mistake, as a sample to be tested or something like that, so in case it
might be important, i thought i would let you all know.

If any one is missing 2 vials of Toxic Botryococcus braunii algae, which
usually grows on lakes & is of interest to the bio fuel industry, you now
know where it went,
Quarantine have confiscated it to be analyzed & then destroyed..

If anyone knows anything or can find an email address for this company
please let me know  : )
Esk Queensland Australia

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