Pollinators in slow motion

clayton3120 clayton3120 clayton3120@cablespeed.com
Fri, 24 Feb 2012 17:18:27 PST
The list title signaled a reminder to get out the camelhaired
paintbrush for some crocus pollinating.     Selfing of desired
species, yes, but today  I pollinated  C. niveus x C. reticulatus,
C. tommasianus roseus x C. niveus,  Crocus baytopiorum x C.
chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl' etc etc.
Just wondering if other members  are cross pollinating, and what
results they may have had.
Purely  for the fun of it, the curiosity, and certainly not for
commercial gain,  bulb pollinating
, I would think, would be  a most interesting topic, and ,,,,, what do
we have to lose?

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