Double Oxalis compressa

Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 11 Feb 2012 08:36:22 PST
I have added a photo of the flowers of the double Oxalis compressa to 
the wiki that Ron Vanderhoff shared with me during the time we were 
changing the wiki that I never got added. And I've added some more 
photos of the single Oxalis compressa that came to me from Uli. Some 
of these Oxalis that have more than one flower per scape can be 
easily confused. In the text for Oxalis compressa on the wiki it 
refers to an entry from Christiaan van Schalkwyk that explains some 
of the differences between the look alikes. I once was given bulbs of 
O. pes-caprae which is a huge pest in a lot of areas of coastal 
California as Oxalis compressa which promptly got destroyed once I 
figured it out.…

According to Christiaan on the wiki: Oxalis compressa can be 
identified by the flattened or compressed leaf stalks. Oxalis 
pes-caprae has a brown bulb, without conspicuous longitudinal 
grooves. It may or may not have a stem. The bulbs of Oxalis copiosa 
and Oxalis haedulipes are similar: greyish and with conspicuous 
longitudinal grooves. Oxalis copiosa never has a stem, while Oxalis 
haedulipes always has an exserted stem.

Cape Plants describes O. compressa as like O. pes-caprae but petioles 
flattened and peduncles 3-6 flowered whereas O. pes-caprae can have 
up to 20 flowers.  I don't know about the double forms. The O. 
compressa that Uli sent me is such an amazing bright yellow flower, 
but I haven't found it as easy to grow in my climate as I'd like. And 
I've never gotten the one from Alberto through the BX in 2008 to 
bloom. It apparently is happier in Missouri than in my conditions in 
California. I guess that means we won't have to worry about it 
escaping and taking over. I might be able to do better if it were 
grown inside or the greenhouse, but I don't really have space for it 
there. You can compare the double flowered photos of each of the 
flowers now on the wiki, but I'm not sure that will help in the identification:
The photo supplied by Ron Vanderhoff labeled O. compressa…
The photo supplied by  Pieter van der Walt labeled O. pes-caprae…

Mary Sue

Mary Sue Ittner
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