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J.E. Shields jshields@indy.net
Wed, 01 Feb 2012 13:05:48 PST

I'm no expert on frogs, but I'd say they sounded more duck-like.  This is 
extremely early for frogs and a bit early for Galanthus.  Robins tend to 
show up at any old time.

Jim S.

At 12:58 PM 2/1/2012 -0800, you wrote:
>Jim Shields wrote: "I also heard frogs calling along the creek"
>Frogs already?
>Could you tell if they were spring peepers (alone a high pitched whistle 
>or en masse like sleigh bells ) or wood frogs (like ducks quacking or dogs 
>barking in the distance)? Or maybe chorus frogs or cricket frogs?
>Jim McKenney
>zone 7 Maryland where the temperature topped 70 degrees F today.
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