Scadoxus multiflorus Katherinae - it's all happening

Leo A. Martin
Mon, 09 Jan 2012 16:28:28 PST
I have this outdoors in a container larger than the beautiful plant in the
photo, but my plants never bloom. They don't grow so large, either. What
might I be be doing wrong?

I leave them out all year in dappled shade and I water them all year. The
tops tend to die to the ground when it gets hot for the summer (say, over
104F / 40C) and then resprout in the fall, growing all winter. They don't
seem to freeze in our moderate overnight frosts.

My bulbs are from a friend in St Louis, Missouri, who digs them each fall,
stores them in her garage over the winter, and replants them in spring.
They bloom for her in early summer.


Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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