What's blooming Jan 21, 2012

Brian Whyer brian.whyer@btinternet.com
Mon, 23 Jan 2012 15:27:35 PST
Leucojum are at their peak:

Does this mean you don't grow the "spring" snowflake, Leucojum vernum, only the "summer" snowflake Leucojum aestivum in the photo? Or do they flower out of sequence for you as another of our members finds in north America somewhere, I recall from past posts on this group?
Like many plants named after a time of the year or day grown "away from home" the trivial/common name does not hold good. E.g. 4 o'clocks (Mirabilis) flower nearer 7 or 8 o'clock for me.
Also lots of blue Freesia laxa, this one last week was odd, with 6 blotches instead of the normal 3:
This seems to flower for several months over winter when grown cold under glass here. Some in seed, in flower and  buds to come still.
Brian Whyer, Buckinghamshire, England, zone ~8ish
Some frosts but a warmer than average winter here.

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