Name for seeds that germinate automatically please

steven hart
Tue, 24 Jan 2012 21:38:46 PST
Hi, C W Mueller, I hope i understood your question correctly.
Although I'm no expert !

My original question was about, seeds that can not be stopped from
germinating regardless of storage conditions or refrigeration etc

I have a lot of plants with this trait in my collection. To give you an
example i have crinum brisbanicum & their seeds will often sprout a
root with in one week, once seeds are mature & drop off, & they can not be
stopped from sprouting regardless of conditions.

Many Amaryllis seeds, for example belladonnas & crinums can not be stored
for long periods of time or they will sprout, even if not planted &
with the absence of moisture. Even in complete darkness etc. Some can be
slowed by refrigeration but not for long periods, they will eventually
sprout even at the lowest of temperatures.

If you check the previous posts there is some links to more information
Hope that helps explain it a little better  : )
Esk Queensland Australia

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> What is "recalcitrant" about germinating right away?
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