Name for seeds that germinate automatically please

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 07:27:32 PST
Two examples of recalcitrant are (not a bulb) White Oak, Quercus garryiana. The acorns germinate as soon as they are dropped on to the ground. These seeds cannot be stored other than under moist cool conditions for a short period. Another type of recalcitrant seed is skunk cabbage, in this case shed in mid summer and germinating within a week. 

Another category is seeds that germinate immediately upon planting. They having no dormancy mechanism but can be stored in dry cool conditions. Recalcitrant seeds must be kept moist.. Many of our food crop plants show no dormancy. Of the native plants I grow there is red alder, mock orange, douglas spiraea.  Some lilies also germinate immediately. For example, the immediate hypogeal species. ,

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