germinating Veltheimia seeds

James L. Jones
Thu, 05 Jan 2012 16:58:50 PST
I germinated Veltheimia capensis seed (from Silverhill) in my peatmoss/perlite mix in 6/04 after sowing 2/04 in the greenhouse.  Bloom was 12/10.
Jim Jones

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*posted on behalf of Ina Crossley*

I am growing some Veltheimia seeds on paper towels with a thin cover of  
propagating sand in a sealed container. Was Googling when they should be planted 
into soil and came across this bit:

The reason for using moist sand instead of moist paper are
1) the sand colour changes when drying out
2) the root of the sprouted seed is not easily damaged when removed from sand.
3) the sand doesn't decompose.
4) the seeds are easily separated from the sand by using a kitchen wire strainer 
with mesh large enough to pass the sand particles but not the seeds. The last is 
important as some seeds leach out inhibitor chemicals. A "freshen up" every once 
in a while gets rid of the leached out inhibitor. The leaching away of the 
inhibitor is one of the possible reasons given for an explosion of seed 
germination outside after heavy rain.

I am particularly interested in the inhibitor thing. What is known about it? Is 
this a general concern when growing seed? Any particular seed which is affected 
by it?

Ina Crossley


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