Amarcrinum verses the goats !

Shelley Gage
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 00:09:48 PST

It is silly to maintain that animals won't eat certain plants. During the drought we suffered in Queensland 
for two years a couple of years ago I ran out of pasture for my cows and had to move them to a paddock containing over 100 different hippeastrum hybrids which had become infested with weeds and grass, the cows took great pleasure in eating the leaves. Since few bulbs have  reappeared after two years of good growing weather I believe the cows have consumed the whole plants. They have shown no ill effects although they did lose weight because the feed I was buying in was very expensive. Since it was a commercial patch they would have consumed a considerable quantity of material. A recent fruit newsletter states that cows won't eat mango leaves. In this area cows are regularly grazed under mangoes to prune them underneath.
Shelley Gage Queensland


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