Is anyone growing Gladiolus aureus?
Sun, 15 Jan 2012 05:13:46 PST

 Hi Mike,
I have three seedlings of G aureus, started from Kirstenbosch seed I had in the fridge for over a decade.  They are in their second growing season under lights, so they will not flower this year.  I imagine they will take one or two more years to get there, so I will not have any pollen this year, but perhaps in the future.  I wonder if Kirstenbosch still has seed, I got mine when the Bot Soc of SA members got free seeds, but this has not been the case for years.  They do publish a catalog of seeds though, and I think there might be a good chance that they would offer it for sale.
Good luck,
Ernie DeMarie
Tuckahoe NY
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I was just reading about the status of this beautiful little flower.  They
say online that it's down to a single location with as few as ten plants


I have one bulb of it, which finally (after about a decade) got happy enough
last year to make two offsets.  However, I have only the one clone, and it
is not self-fertile.


Is anyone else growing this bulb, and if so, would you like to exchange
pollen this spring?  I'd like to produce some seed and spread the plant
around among us.  It's fairly easy to grow in my climate.





San Jose, CA


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