Eudora Welty's plea to the rodents

Shirley Meneice
Fri, 13 Jan 2012 20:11:04 PST
Your friend is a gem and so is this Ogden Nash-type poem.  Thanks for
 Shirley Meneice, Zone 9 or 10, Monterey, CA, coastal area with almost no
rain for 6 weeks.
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A friend sent me this during the holidays - I've got so much email that I
only opened it tonight. It put a big smile on my face - some of the rhymes
are as funny as some of the sentiments expressed - did she really pronounce
those words that way?  
>This is from One Writer's Garden: Eudora Welty's Home Place, page 146. 
>        Squirrel, squirrel, burning bright,
>        Do not eat my bulbs tonight!
>        I think it bad and quite insidious
>        That you should eat my blue tigridias.
>        Squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris,
>        Leave to me my small muscaris,
>        Must you make your midnight snack, mouse,
>        Of Narcissus Mrs. Backhouse?
>        When you bite the pure leucojum,
>        Do you feel no taint of odium?
>        Must you chew till Kingdom Come
>        Hippeastrum advenum?
>        If in your tummy bloomed a lily,
>        Wouldn't you feel sort of silly?
>        Do you wish to tease and joke us
>        When you carry off a crocus?
>        Must you hang up in your pantries
>        All my Pink Queen zephyranthes?
>        Tell me, has it ever been thus,
>        Squirrels must eat the hyacinthus?
>        O little rodent,
>        I wish you wo'dn't!

Jim McKenney

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