What's blooming week of 16 January

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Thu, 19 Jan 2012 12:15:38 PST
Hello all,
The report of Mary Sue puzzles me.  The species flowering with  now,  
normally flower here  end of April.   South of  France 10 km form the 
m├ęditerranean sea (comparable to northern California).  We also had  a very 
dry and  mild winter, but still very little abnormal early flowering; At the 
moment we have:
Dahlia imperialis (end), Iris unguicularis, Iris bicapitata (thanks Angelo), 
Crocus ancyrence, C.imperati,  Nerine bowdenii (end), Kniphofia rooperi, 
Leucojum aestivum (2 months early) L.tingitatum, Narcissus tazetta (many 
forms), Narcissus cordobense, Moraea polystachya, Cyclamen pseudibericum, 
Galanthus elwesii, Anemone coronaria (white form) A. hortense  (6 weeks 
early), Dipsaci serotinum, Freesia viridis (1 month early).
But if the weather keeps going  we will have for the second year running an 
early spring (3-4 weeks early), but nothing like Northern California. From 
what I understand  from South African  reports:  dry winters lead to poor 
springflowering, which is the reason  that I  have heavily irrigated our 
gardens already twice this winter  

Kind greetings

Lauw de Jager 
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In a dry winter such as you seem to be having this year on the north west
coast, it seems that the dryness has been beneficial in some ways for you. 

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