Name for seeds that germinate automatically please

Max Withers
Wed, 25 Jan 2012 10:03:26 PST
Although it does seem perverse to call seeds that germinate immediately 
"recalcitrant", the logic is apparently in the sense of "objecting to 
constraint" rather than "refractory" (from the OED's main definition). 
The OED gives the same source for the botanical meaning of the word as 
the article Mark cited:

A.3. /Bot./ Of seeds: viable for only a short time; /spec./ unable to 
survive drying or freezing, making them difficult to preserve. Of a 
plant: having seeds of this kind.

1973    E. H. Roberts in /Seed Sci. & Technol./ *1* 501   In these 
seeds, which I shall refer to as recalcitrant, a decrease in moisture 
content below some relatively high value---anything between 12 and 31% 
moisture content, depending on the species---tends to decrease the 
period of viability.

On 1/25/12 9:37 AM, Jane McGary wrote:
> I wonder if the word people are looking for is "precocious"?
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