Yellow Walking Iris or something else ?

The Silent Seed
Sat, 28 Jan 2012 09:30:16 PST
These plants all are the same Yellow Walking Iris, which I believe this is - I was wondering if anything else does this? 

They definitely are fun plants! 

Thanks , Jude

The description you give sounds like Treminzia Martenensis ( probably not the 
correct spelling!) It is also known as the Yellow Walking Iris and does exactly 
as you wrote. Makes stalks and continues to bloom on the same stalk for weeks on 
end until the bloom stalk has so many little plantlet growing up to the top of 
the stalk that it will eventually will lean over, touch the ground and start 
rooting, thereby giving it the walking iris name.
 I usually cut the stalk off where it emerges from the plant, shorten the ends 
of each stem and plant them in gallon nursery pots and by the next year, you 
have a BUNCH of yellow walking iris!
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>I have a plant that flowers, and looks, like a yellow walking iris, and has 
multiple pups on each flowering stalk, in succession to one another. Does this 
sound like the real thing to you, or is there a look-alike that does the same? 
The flowers are quite small, about an inch or a bit smaller even. Each flower 
stalk has probably 3-5 pups along it, not just at the top. The flower stalks are 
thin, and tubular (not flat) (Not hollow) 
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