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Lee Poulsen
Thu, 26 Jan 2012 17:32:11 PST

On Jan 26, 2012, at 1:35 AM, David Fenwick wrote:

> I was once asked to provide vouchers (pressed flowering material) of the 
> Earlham Hybrids I had to the RHS Herbarium but I felt I had to decline to do 
> this due to the lack of provenance for any of those I had in my collection, 
> and I wouldn't want the RHS Herbarium to be full of hopefulls. That said, 
> many, as you're well aware, are very beautiful garden worthy plants so it 
> shouldn't put anyone off growing them, it's just that there's a need never 
> to assume with some of the older ones. In my mind I personally feel that 
> where older heirloom varieties / hybrids cannot be absolutely proven true to 
> type they should be marked appropriately when offered and to potentially 
> improve trading standards if nothing else. 

Here is an example of a nursery doing exactly what you suggest: <…>
Only, in this case, it is a positive thing to point out that what they sell may not be the true 'Lucifer' because it appears to be a variety very much like 'Lucifer' except that it does particularly well in the hot, humid climate of the American South.

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