A convict story that will fascinate some of you !

steven hart hartsentwine.australia@gmail.com
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 18:08:13 PST
The language debacle sparked this memory ;  )
My great great grand father was a poorly educated carpenter & in a pub
brawl he swung & hit an English police officer...He was nearly beaten to
death by two six foot officers & the magistrate was so suspicious, he made
him promise to come back to court after more witnesses were found to
explain things better & the officers had him on the next sailing ship to
Australia.... The magistrate believed his promise to come back to court &
suspected foul play, so he searched for him, found many witnesses & found
the officers had lied in court.... He was sent a full pardon from his two
year sentence in a convict colony which we have a copy of.....Convicts had
no money & were never allowed to return to England, but further ethnic
cleansing allowed families to be sent to Australia, his wife ,son &
daughter were eventually sent on a ship with cholera contamination & his
wife & daughter died along the way, he had no way of looking after his son
who was 9 from memory, because he was now a timber cutter to survive & feed
his son, so he left him with a small group Aboriginal people who lived in
the mountains near to where my mum lives today.....The Aborigines protected
the boy Patric Pacey & he grew up to be  Carpenter like his dad &
eventually had large land holdings that slowly dwindled as the English
quickly increased the tax system.....

He married a beautiful Australian girl who loved him & held his hand until
he died at 96, Mar refused to live with out her great love & died 3 months
later to join him..... A sad but true love story  :  )

Mar my great grand mother was a wonderful gardener & a lily bulb collector,
her garden was one of those old world pretty cottage gardens with tall 9m
pencil pines by the front gate & flowers everywhere, fruit trees in the
lawn & a giant bleeding heart mango down the back, beside the old fashion
sugar bananas. Par when he was in his late 90s would struggle his way down
the steep back yard to the mango tree & often had minor heart attacks
trying to pick one or two of his favorite fruit, she was then in her mid
90s & would race down the 23 or so back steps down the path by the old
outhouse & drag him over her shoulder & back up the steps to wait for the
ambulance....Boy they built them tough in those days !!

It was Mar that helped inspire my love for beautiful lily bulbs  : )

Steven Hart   Esk Queensland Australia

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