Amarcrinum verses the goats !

steven hart
Mon, 30 Jan 2012 15:07:45 PST
Hans, instead of being so "incredibly rude" to me, & calling me "a faik",
for sharing my experience with PBS members. Perhaps you should learn from
someones experience instead of voicing your learned opinions !
You are however correct, Amaryllids do contain Amaryllidacean Alkaloids,
which are highly toxic to almost all species. However my goats have eaten
my whole collection 3 times & browsed over it several other times, when
fences have broken by falling branches etc.

They have shown no ill effects, except in one case, i could see a notable
effect with one large goat "Samson" he is the guts of the group & is likely
to have eaten a much larger percentage, he was stumbling & uneasy on his
feet for days & he appeared to have sever muscle spasms & could not control
his neck properly, his pupils were extremely dilated for a couple of days
especially on one side & i thought he would surly die, Vet treatment was
with high levels of vitamin B12 & lock up with clean food, he took a few
days to recover & is still with the remaining herd of 7 animals, but has
shown a reduction in general health.
I had 10 goats at the time & they ate about 30 square meters of Ameryllids !
In addition, Lantana is highly toxic to all mammals too, i have about 20
acres of this highly invasive feral species, which is a constant battle to
control, it usually makes mammals photosensitive & eventually kills even
cows in some cases, but often in rainy weather when the toxin is at high
levels, they loose pacthes of their hair & become very sick. Boss Indicus
species of cattle are far more tolerant.  The goats however,  have been
eating lantana now for about 12 years & have now learnt not to eat the
leaves most of the time, rather the consume extremely large numbers of
flower heads & so help me reduce the plants ability to repopulate to a
large extent. Not that i recommend this to anyone, its just that i have no
way of controlling it ! The seeds do not pass through the goat as they
grind everything to a fine pellet.

Goats "Especially Cashmeres" also eat a large number of highly poisonous
weeds & plants, including Eucalyptus leaves which are packed with poisonous
puranic acid. They have an amassing ability to govern their eating habits
when plants are in a highly toxic stage throughout different seasons. A
well recorded fact....

I would hope some members would be fascinated by my experience, & possibly
even learn from it, rather than abusing me & being educated by Deer &
Gophers !

Kind reguards.....
A very angry Steven !
Esk Queensland Australia

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 11:18 AM, Hans-Werner Hammen <>wrote:
A faik it is impossible that any Mammal will CONSUME plant matter from
Amaryllids.These contain poisonous Amaryllidacean Alkaloids. Amaryllids are
"Deer And Gopher Proof"
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