pbs] Galanthus for warm climates

Diane Whitehead voltaire@islandnet.com
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 11:40:40 PST
I'm pretty sure they are not being grown in North America.

I grow every species of Galanthus  for which I can find seed, but I  
didn't succeed in germinating the wild collected peshmenii seeds I  
bought - they rotted.  G. artjushenkoae did OK.

Diane Whitehead
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

On 31-Jan-12, at 10:34 AM, Mark BROWN wrote:

> G. cilicicus as it flowers early may well be true from seed.
> G. peshmenii is surely being grown in the States as surely is G.  
> fosteri.
> Any one here growing these two species?
> Are you willing to grow galanthus from seed ?

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