French Gardening history: Heritage plants

Jim McKenney
Sat, 28 Jan 2012 10:54:49 PST
 First, Mark Brown wrote:-

>SNIP>...... .........Narcissus 'Telamonius' is very common.But then I have 
>just about seen it in every country I have ever 

Then David Nicholson wrote " Narcissus 'Telamonius' or telamonius is synonymous with N. pseuodonarcissus 
ssp pseudonarcissus and I doubt it has been in use for many years now."

I think I need some clarification. The name 'Telamonius Plenus' is the name I associate with what is otherwise known as 'Van Sion', a clone widely naturalized here in the US and doubtless elsewhere.

Is this the "Telamonius" meant in this discussion, or is the wild typical Narcissus pseudonarcissus what is meant? 

Jim McKenney

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