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steven hart
Mon, 30 Jan 2012 18:10:18 PST
> Hey Max ( Please don't think i'm attacking you personally, i'm just making
> some observations)

   I hope this is inspiring for all those who cant spell very well.....

> Being mean to people who aren't very good at spelling isn't the
> answer...  Perhaps tolerance is !

I'm a spelling offender & I'm sorry to everyone, but i try my best & i hope
most people have enough tolerance to allow me to continue to share my
collection, seeds & information as well as receiving the fantastic learning
experience that you "all" offer... Personally i missed many years of
schooling through acute sickness, & then a terrible bulldozer accident,
left me even worse, some of us never catch up regardless of trying, or
regardless of how hard others try to endlessly push us to learn what they
think is right... By my loss i have learnt resilience, tolerance &
understanding for others, but for me there is nothing more annoying than
intolerant people, with lack of understanding or compassion for others that
might be less fortunate than themselves ! Google spell check is not always
the savour that those who can spell think it is, sometimes i cant find a
word no matter how hard i try... Someones a message goes by accident
before its checked, not so uncommon with modern devises where the silly
send button is easily bumped by the third finger by mistake while typing &
in a split second its too late....

Also how do you propose to accommodate the fact that different countries
sometimes spell things differently & some people don't speak English as
their native language, should we exclude bad spellers & foreigners too ?

By the way you also forgot to remove the previous message... So if i
understand correctly, does that put you into the group that will instantly
be put into the trash too ?
I hope my thoughts have given someone out there the gift of more Tolerance
& Understanding !

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 4:15 PM, Max Withers <> wrote:
Hi Mary Sue,
I must say that the I find the inability
of some of our new members to use google or spell, a bit of a bummer.
Filtering certain people straight into the trash is probably the best
solution though.
Max Withers


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