Narcissus Nylon culture

James L. Jones
Sun, 08 Jan 2012 14:05:13 PST
The Narcissus Nylon grow in a potting soil of pretty good loam, perlite, and peat moss routinely watered over winter and kept thoroughly dry in the summer, though I suspect they might be better off with the occasional dampening given that they do just fine in the ground.  They get all of what sun there is in the winter.  Soil in this area is somewhat acid.
Jim Jones

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What kind of position do they like? Full sun or some shade? Dry, ordinary or wet 
Humus rich or ordinary garden soil or more well draining? Limestone lovers?

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> Hi Jim,
> The Narcissus Nylon have survived a few winters then died out, which could be 
due to factors other than temperature such as insufficient feeding. I've taken 
that last to heart and am now adding more fertilizer.
> Jim
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> Jim Jones wrote: "The Narcissus has been marginally hardy in a greenhouse 
> environment here that goes to 15oF."
> Jim, what do you mean by marginally hardy in the greenhouse. Do some of the 
> 'Nylon' plants sometimes die during the winter?
> Jim McKenney "


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