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David Pilling
Fri, 27 Jan 2012 14:04:17 PST

In message <>, Mary Sue 
Ittner <> writes
>A few people have suggested that it is helpful to create a filter and
>a folder for the pbs messages so that they go straight to that folder

Most email programs have 'folders' and a way of automatically routing 
incoming emails in to them.

That means all your PBS postings can go somewhere separate from your 
other emails and you can look through them when you want to.

You can even set things up so that bulb exchange announcements go to a 
top priority folder.

If you're using Google gmail. When you have a message on display, you 
can click on the down arrow (more) to the right of the message header 
and then select 'Filter messages like this' or click on the down arrow 
to the left of the message header and select "Filter messages from this 
mailing list".

Both will lead you to a window with a filter set up. Click on "create 
filter with this search" then 'Choose label' and then 'New label', give 
the new label a name like 'PBS'. Tick 'skip inbox' and finally 'Create 

On gmail, 'label' is the equivalent of folders.

>And I remind everyone that it is possible to set your email so you
>won't get mail if you are very busy or going to be away and just read
>messages from the archives.

Go to:

to change your settings for the PBS list.

Enter your email address, click on "Un-subscribe or Edit options", enter 
your list password on the next page, then scroll down to Mail delivery 
on the resulting page.

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