What's germinating - January 25

Joseph Kraatz plantnut@cox.net
Fri, 27 Jan 2012 11:44:33 PST
My Lachenalias have no problem with freezing temps.  I have many nights in the upper 20's and it doesn't faze them.  Joe,  Vista,  CA
On Jan 27, 2012, at 10:39 AM, AW wrote:

> Tim,
> Your weather report for this year did not surprise me greatly. Still, I 'd
> have expected the "hard freeze" conditions you got to have played a role if
> that were critical to gemination. Most Lachenalia species in South Africa
> certainly receive temperatures in the thirties for quite a few nights each
> year, but do not normally expect to get hard freezes during their winter,
> and growing season. 
> Here we have seen no frost, but I've seen many nights in the upper thirties
> (4-5C). The temperature ranges have not been unusual. I 'm now thinking my
> slow germination has little to do with the temperatures about a lot great
> deal more with the use of imported seed. My own Lachenalia seed germinates
> in September, quite voluntarily! Still, to get new species I must try a few
> new species each year and will just have to wait an additional year for the
> seeds to become flowering plants.
> Andrew
> San Diego
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