your pbs exchange data message

Kipp McMichael
Fri, 20 Jan 2012 12:49:40 PST

Greeting all,

  Dell - if you send the spreadsheet directly to me, I can upload it to Google Docs and send the link out to everyone. You could do it yourself, too - I just didn't want to foist more work upon you... 

  I use Google Docs for another non-profit and it works very well as a shared document platform/repository.


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> Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 12:40:15 -0800
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> Subject: [pbs] your pbs exchange data message
> Hi Dell,
> Your seed data message couldn't go through because it was too big.  I  
> don't know whether an Excel spreadsheet could ever be small enough to  
> send.  I avoid using spreadsheets so I have little experience with  
> them.  Perhaps one of the others might know.
> Diane Whitehead
> a PBS list administrator
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