Precocious germination

steven hart
Thu, 26 Jan 2012 05:03:19 PST
Thanks very much Ben, but i have already had my answer many times over,
recalcitrant does seem to aply to seed that is reluctant to withhold its
germenation, reguardless of conditions & will continue to germenate *"post
harvest & with the absence of aditional moisture. *

From my understanding !
Precocious germination, is usually assioated with seeds that may
germenate *"prior
to harvest"* or can be post harvest too. Rather than post harvest only, &
aditional moisture content is normally a relitave factor, weather it be
due, rain or moisture within a fruit pulp.

Precocious Germination is quite common with Proiphys Cunninghamii during
warm rainy weather, this is a native species on my property & i see this
regularly. These seeds can not be dried & if stored in the total absence of
moisture they can sprout but more commanly wilt & die relitavely quickly,
here in its native enyiroment. Precocious germination is also very common
in many grains & some fruits. Barley, wheat & many other grain crops have
this trate, for example barley or wheat will sprout on the seed head if
there is too much rain prior to harvest & the crop is then lost.  In
addition, these grain species seeds can be successfully dried for many
years & still germenate when required.

Crinum & belladonna seeds however, "which were my original examples",
are usually non-precocious, they do not usually sprout on the plant prior
to harvest, although there is exceptions to the rule & thay do not have the
ability to withhold their growth after harvest. They can not be dried under
any circumstances, & are not able to be stored for long periods,
reguardless of conditions, moisture content, light or temperature. They
must be sown relitavely fresh or thay will begin to grow even inside a
paper bag in the fridge, or inside a sealed glass bottle, unlike wheat that
can be stored for years, & will not grow inside the bottle & can then be
activated by moisture at any time...

Hope that clears it up : )
Esk Queensland Australia

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> What about precocious germination? ( recalcitrant means the opposite)

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