Amarcrinum verses the goats !

steven hart
Tue, 31 Jan 2012 00:59:11 PST
I agree Shelly, I had a similar problem with native bulbs
We have some cows too but they are banished to the big paddocks & 3 gates
protect my lily patch from those fatties.......

We have about 2.5km of adjoining rainforest's & jungle clad vine forest
boundary, too steep to fence, along the edge of our property & i have
battled mum for years to keep them away from the rainforest fringes, more
for trampling the edges more than anything, because proiphys cunninghamii
grow throughout the rainforest fringes, usually the cows don't go to the
edges of the rain forest, but during that same drought they were forced
with in the edges & i nearly had a heart attack, they ate every proiphys,
although i was more worried about crushing bulbs, thankfully seasons got
better & the lilies returned with avengeance.

Surprisingly my goats never enter any of sections my rain forest areas on
my property, or adjoining, i find this fascinating, they actually get very
nervous & scared if stuck even in the edges, but they dont like the dark &
if they have to traverse any section of the rainforests, they will run as
fast as they can in single file & always use the same track with no
deviations what so ever, its actually pretty funny to watch. But goats have
extremely long memories & perhaps they have encountered a family of Dingos
before & they never forget. They usually stay high on the mountain sides
where they belong thank goodness. A snippet about goat memories, i once red
a story about goats that had been separated & sold to another property
for more than 10 years. They were eventually were given back to the
original farm & when they arrived they when straight through the herd
& found their family group & snuggled up beside them & continued to be
inseparable after that. Amassing !

As for Mango trees, we don't have any but during that drought i was given
trailer loads of them & casuarina, the cows ate them, the goats stole them
off the cows, the lamas spat them out & the horses ran around like mad
things trying to find all the scraps. A race horse friend believes mangoes
are her secret to so many wins over the years

Esk Queensland Australia

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:09 AM, Shelley Gage <>wrote:
It is silly to maintain that animals won't eat certain plants. During the
drought we suffered in Queensland

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