Amarcrinum verses the goats !

steven hart
Mon, 30 Jan 2012 01:59:58 PST
Hi Everyone.  While i was on Frazer Island in October 2011  my small herd
of cashmere goats broke into the lily patch & spent a week & a half kicking
up their heals ! They ate nearly every living thing down to ground level,
dug out over 300 bulbs where they scratch holes to sleep each night &
happily munched down every one of my known Amarcrinums roots and all.

Before the goats visited the lily patch !…

After the goats visited the lily patch !…

Thanks to Jim Lykos helping me understand the differences between Crinums &
Amarcrinums, i can now see the differences at a glance & i was able to
re-identify some of my plants as Amarcrinums.

 Giant Amarcrinum with crinum HH Bradley growing beneath the leaf on the
right hand side, showing its incredible scale.…

Flower close up, its a little dirty from a big storm & thats why the flower
spike is staked, something i usually do not do.…

Pink Amarcrinum imported into Australia in 1880…

Feminine Pink Amarcrinum imported into Australia in 1870s…

Thanks again Jim  :  )
Esk Queensland Australia

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