Narcissus Nylon culture

Sun, 08 Jan 2012 01:29:46 PST
What kind of position do they like? Full sun or some shade? Dry, ordinary or wet soils?
Humus rich or ordinary garden soil or more well draining? Limestone lovers?

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> Hi Jim,
> The Narcissus Nylon have survived a few winters then died out, which could be due to factors other than temperature such as insufficient feeding. I've taken that last to heart and am now adding more fertilizer.
> Jim
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> Jim Jones wrote: "The Narcissus has been marginally hardy in a greenhouse 
> environment here that goes to 15oF."
> Jim, what do you mean by marginally hardy in the greenhouse. Do some of the 
> 'Nylon' plants sometimes die during the winter?
> Jim McKenney "

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