5 New Crinum Hybrids

Jay Yourch jay.yourch@gmail.com
Wed, 18 Jul 2012 05:39:42 PDT

Thanks for the comments.

You're correct and you're welcome, 'Joyful' is a sister seedling to
the large bulbs I recently distributed via the PBS BX.  'Joyful' is
the best of them so far and the only one I've named.  I still have a
few sisters that haven't flowered because they were grown for many
years under poor conditions.  This has been remedied and they are now
making good growth.

4 to 5 years from seed to first flowers seems typical for a hybrid
grown in good conditions, but 4 of these 5 hybrids flowered in 3
years.  'Joyful' took 6 years, but produced 5 scapes the first year it
flowered.  Alani Davis had a few of his Crinum hybrids flower in just
under 2 years.

Crinum amoenum has been hardy here in Zone 7 since I got in in 2004,
the bulb I have came from Plant Delights.  These hybrids, with the
addition of substantial C. bulbispermum via C. 'Super Ellen', should
be more cold tolerant than C. amoenum.  Notice how pale these hybrids'
flowers are despite the rich color expressed in C. 'Super Ellen'.
Alani's hybrids of C. amoenum with the even darker C. 'Antares' as a
pollen parent, also on the wiki, show the same pattern.


I am growing about a dozen sister seedlings of the Crinum 'Lady
Chameleon' × C. 'Mrs. James Hendry' shown on the wiki.  I expect a few
more to flower this year, and many more next.  C. 'Lady Chameleon' has
been very prolific with seed production, it is easily the most fertile
hybrid in my collection, setting viable seed reliably with many
pollens.  It does offset, but not very fast.  C. 'Mrs. James Hendry'
offsets well in good conditions, but doesn't make seeds.  Its pollen
is potent, 2 of these 5 hybrids have it as a pollen parent, and there
is another hybrid, named 'Glory', I made with it in 2005 using C.
'Super Ellen' as the seed parent.


On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 7:08 AM, Randy.R <steyrhahn@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Jay,
> Very nice. all of them.
> Re: Joyful. Can I presume the sister seedlings were the large bulbs recently distributed thru the SX of which I am the grateful recipient of one? Thanks.
> Re: 'Cape Dawn' × C. 'Mrs. James Hendry'. Only 3 years from seed to flowering? I wonder if that has ever been surpassed by a Crinum?
> This should be easy to propagate! I wonder what its mature size will be?
> Re: amoenum × C. 'Super Ellen' It appears to be hardy for you. The SE genes win.
> Re: 'Lady Chameleon' × C. 'Mrs. James Hendry' . I like the blooms.
> I wonder how this will do over time as regards offsets and seed setting. Both parents are quite prolific aren't they?
> Congratulations on the new crosses.
> RandyR

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