spam to the list

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 09 Jul 2012 11:42:26 PDT

Short of moderating the emails from all 635 members of this list, we 
can't prevent messages to the list that come from compromised email 
addresses. It was yahoo and now it seems to be aol that is being 
targeted. All we can do when this happens is to moderate the address 
in question after it happens until we are told it is no longer a 
problem.  I'll repeat that messages without a subject and just a link 
and with a number of addresses in the to field should be deleted 
immediately.  And I'll repeat what David Pilling wrote when we were 
having spam from yahoo. Just think aol instead of yahoo if this applies:

>I'd humbly suggest that if you have a yahoo account you make sure your
>password is strong, and that the answers to the password reset questions
>are not available in the public domain - e.g. you've got your first
>pet's name on facebook.

Mary Sue

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