Las Vegas

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 09 Jul 2012 09:34:23 PDT
I'm back from my trip to Las Vegas and it was a wonderful time.  I
avoided the strip and tourist traps and headed to the parks instead.
Springs Preserve was not as enjoyable as I hoped.  Everything was very
artificially constructed & arranged.  There were tons of cool plants,
but it was very "Vegas-y".  Not my taste.

On the other hand, Mount Charleston was AMAZING.  I climbed the trail
to Mary Jane Falls and was astounded to see so many things blooming in
summer.  My absolute favorite moment was finding Dodecatheon &
Aquilegia in bloom at the bottom of the falls.  Now I *totally* get
it.  I've read for years about Aquilegia in the desert growing around
waterfalls... but it never made sense to me until I actually
experienced it.  Now it makes perfect sense.  :-)   (Bear in mind I'm
an easterner who doesn't live anywhere near any waterfalls... or

I also loved the landscaping around the city (again, nowhere near the
strip).  The only plants I truly recognized were Moraea bicolor which
were just barely still flowering.

All in all, it's good to be home (and I'm glad I missed the heatwave!
it was hotter here than it was in Vegas during my entire stay).

Dennis in Cincinnati

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