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Gastil,  see below answers  - Chad

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Ina I like the sponge-tip idea. I will try that.
Your victory over Ops is inspiring.

Chad - was the solarizing heat with the soil soaked or dry? [Chad Schroter]  Soaked, plus had a soaker line under plastic to make sure soil did not dry out.
The double-spaced layering is a great idea. I wonder how hot it gets, how deep. [Chad Schroter] I used my compost thermometer to measure temps getting up to 120 degrees in top 6 inches
The Ops in my yard are found awfully deep. [Chad Schroter]  I find the repeated weeding will exhaust the main bulb, and the remaining stem generates the bulbs for the next season at a more shallow depth
I have photographed some of the deeper complete plants (corm and underground stem) to document just how far deep these grow.
I assumed they would have to be in growth to be killed by heat. [Chad Schroter]  I think the solarization took care of some of the smaller offsets which form off the stem each Spring.

Alberto - if I wait too late in the season they will have made the little cormlets all along the sides of the underground stems. I do see the logic of reduced recovery time. So, late season, but not too late season.

- Gastil

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