Boophane disticha

Kipp McMichael
Thu, 26 Jul 2012 10:57:51 PDT


  For seeds that already have a radicle, I use chopstick to make a hole (a little deeper than the radicle's length) and stick the tadpole's tail into the hole. Then use the chopstick to close up the hole around the root&seed (carefully!). The other seeds can be pressed lightly into the surface. If you can discern a dot on the unsprouted seed's otherwise uniform 
surface, try and plant the seed with that spot facing sideways (the 
radical usually emerges from this dot). I then cover the lot with coarse sand or fine decomposed granite. 

  Don't be surprised if some seeds push themselves off the surface as the root extends.For seedlings that push too far out, you may need to carefully replant them via the chopstick method. I consider "too far" to be when new seedling bulb's root zone is less than 1/4 inch beneath the surface. 


> If I leave the seeds on the surface,
> should I still put some kind of grits on the surface. Any advices will be
> appreciated. I really want to have healthy seedlings that will grow and
> live and perhaps give me blooms down the road. After all it is this genus
> that lured me into joining PBS. I think I will keep the seedlings indoor
> since it is very hot in Houston this time of year.

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