Bulbs for shade ?

John T Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Sun, 29 Jul 2012 13:43:48 PDT
Cyclamen purpurascens should be quite hardy in zone 5 - I have a friend in N
Illinois who grows it magnificently and has it seeding around.  He doesn't
generally have snow cover to speak of.  C. hederifolium and coum are worth
trying in more sheltered areas or those with reliable snow cover.  Grow a
lot from seed and try them in various spots in the garden.  Cyclamen in any
zone are not hardy if eaten by critters - but there are a number of ways of
protecting them while they are getting established.  We have tons of
squirrels here but the cyclamen out-seed them at a fast pace. There are tens
of thousands of hederifolium in our woodland now and they are spectacular in
flower and, especially, leaf.



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USDA Zone 6b

> I'm in zone 5, probably 5b going on 6, and Cyclamen are tricky here.
> The squirrels, ate C. coum as fast as I could plant them.  C. purpureum
> never came up after planting, so I suspect squirrels in their case as
> well.  C. hederifolium lasted several years in one spot, disappeared
> without a trace in several other spots.  All are long gone now.
> So Cyclamen seem to be marginal at best here in the Midwest.

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